This is a treatment for a proposed 30 minute weekly situation comedy series.

“Neighborhood watch” is the story of a suburban neighborhood, specifically a cul-de-sac. Nice, charming, well-kept family homes line sycamore lane;
a “leave it to beaver” kind of street you could expect to find in almost any middle class American community. But, behind the doors of these cookie-cutter homes reside people in hiding.

The pivotal characters in our story and key players are U.S. Deputy Marshals, VINCE MARTELL and WICHITA LEE. The two deputies are to live as newlyweds in one the neighborhood house as they oversee the welfareEach resident of Sycamore lane has his or her own unique set of peculiarities.  Yet, all the neighbors have one thing in common; they’ve all agreed to testify in exchange for immunity  from prosecution and/ or shelter within the government's witness protection Program (WPP). of the witnesses. 

A lot of sexual tension goes on between these two. Vince makes passes at Wichita and she threatens him with .44 Magnum. Vince is a big, beefy
ex-boxer and Wichita is a tall, sexy “Emma Peel” type with a fondness for leather and spiked heeled boots.

Sycamore lane is under constant surveillance.  Closed circuit cameras, hidden hyperbolic microphones, motion sensors and thermal detectors. Are concealed throughout the interior & exterior of each witness’ home.  Additional marshal assist Vince and Wichita in their duties.  They lurk in the most unlikely places; they hide behind hedges, sit camouflaged in the trees and pop up when least expected in the same vein as “AGENT 13” from “Get Smart”. The marshals are also aided by LESTER, A high-tech robot who in the guise a common blue mailbox patrols the neighborhood.  Lester is assisted by POE, a robotic blackbird with the ability to fly over and video the surrounding areas.

Each week, new characters appear.  Some of the most notable are:

JERSEY GERTIE: An odd old lady and retired mob hit man. Gertie has a penchant for bumping off anyone who offends her and has to be kept on
a short leash, less she uses her talents to eliminate any of her neighbors.

THE WHISTLER: A bespectacled little man who has witnessed violent crime and is now scared of his own shadow. The Whistler can be heard whistling old show tunes as he peers at his neighbors  from a part in his closed curtains.

FREDDIE: A reluctant witness  who spends the majority of his time making bizarre and increasingly ridiculous escape attempts.  Tunnels, hot air balloons, that sort of thing. He is the bane of the marshal’s existence.

CINDY: A Vegas showgirl who witnessed her bookie boyfriend’s murder. Cindy exudes sex from every pore and could flirt the stripes of a zebra.

BOWMAN WEEK: Ex-cop and all-around not-nice guy. Bowman was caught taking bribes and is finking on the rest of the force.

JIM: A likable dwarf who befriends the marshals.

FARMER: A doper who spends far too much time in his garden.