Hello, our name is  Anthony Ciraolo and Augustine Mendez Jr and we are are the producers of the television trailer, entitled “Block Watch”. I would like to propose a new television program that combines all the elements of a funny and exciting, dramatic-action show.

Block Watch - The Show:

This show presents a quirky cast of characters that have been re-located through the Witness Protection Agency in a cookie cutter “Leave it to Beaver”-type neighborhood. 
 A pair of undercover agents playing the part of husband and wife oversee the protection and anonymity of former hit men and other witnesses. So what really goes on behind closed doors?  Who is watching who?

This show would be developed as such: Every week we would unfold a story from one of the witnesses lives or introduce a new neighbor into the witness protection program. We will develop each person with a background story of who they are and how they got in the program. The character focus would be on unexpected and peculiar folks whose story is not always what it seems. Take 65 year old Jersey Gurty for example. You might catch this sweet-Grandma-type baking cookies for the neighbors one moment and at another she is cleaning her machine guns and making bombs.
Schedule and Target Audience:

Block Watch would target 18-65 year old viewing audience. This comedy-action show with a twist would surely catch the attention of this particular audience. 
This show would be appropriate for a 9 or 10 pm time slot.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me for more information or you may contact  co-producer, Augustine Mendez Jr. 
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,

Anthony Ciraolo             702-580-0738   Email: Tony@Blockwatchseries.com

Augustine Mendez         310-704-5204   Email: Augie@Blockwatchseries.com

Executive Producers – Block Watch